Thursday, July 1, 2010

24 Weeks...

Yay! 24 weeks down... only 14 more to go (Yes, we are still praying she comes around 38 weeks... in fact,  we are praying over a specific date.. October 9th)... So far, so good. I'm having more frequent swelling in my feet and ankles... a couple of times, it's even gotten a little uncomfortable and I've had to stop what I'm doing to go prop my feet up. Jordan's been amazing! He is so patient with me... I have to admit, I'm so very spoiled! Ada's movement is getting stronger and stronger. Jordan's loving it! He can see her kick and roll... it amazes us how it never gets old. Now, my family is able to feel her kick. I love seeing the expressions on their faces when the feel here... pure joy! Sleeping through the night is getting a little more difficult. I've developed slight apnea just from the pregnancy and it only really affects me if I sleep on my back. So... I have to stuff pillows behind me so I stay on my side. The apnea plus the fact that I get up to use the restroom at least three times a night makes for difficult "good night's sleep"... I guess the Lord is just preparing me for those late night feedings that are coming here in a few months! In the grand scheme of things, I have nothing to complain about! I realize how blessed I am to have a healthy baby girl growing in my belly... a supportive and loving husband who adores his daughter already... a great family... and I really feel good!

Ada's developments this week... she's working hard, getting her lungs ready and packing on the pounds so she can be ready to live outside of my tummy :) She gained about a half a pound just this week (I'm sure I did too... lol)... She's getting bigger and bigger and things are getting a little crowded in there... I'm sure of it! Her ears are fully functional now, and she may even get startled at loud noises or sudden movements! She's getting used to the sounds she hears everyday in my womb... my heartbeat, my breathing, mine and Jordan's voices... etc. Her inner ear is fully developed as well, so her sense of balance is working. She can tell whether she is hanging upside down or right side up :) No wonder she kicks when I float in the pool on my stomach... poor thing's hanging upside down! She can also feel and sense my movements. She's still measuring at around a foot long, and she weighing in at around 1 1/3 pounds!

I have really been working on the nursery this week. Jordan was so sweet to give me my "nursery allowance" (we totally had to set a budget or else I'd go crazy spending money left and right!)... so I really went to town this week. I bought valances for the window, my grandmother and I used two of the valances and made a crib skirt, we bought a rug, a friend let me have a table she was getting rid of that I'm more than likely going to use as a changing table (thanks Jami and Katy :)... I made a little floral arrangement from an old box I found at the thrift store, I bought a crib sheet for the crib, and I made some homemade wall art... see... I told you I've been busy :) I'll end this weeks post with some pictures of what I've done in the nursery so far...

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  1. cant wait to meet that sweet niece of mine!