Thursday, July 15, 2010

26 Down... 12-14 more to go!

Well friends, today I am 26 weeks pregnant. This week has seemed to creep by as well; however, I just keep thinking about how in two weeks I will be in my third trimester! I remember just yesterday, counting down the weeks until I was in my second trimester!

I've been feeling pretty good these days... as long as I stay out of this heat! Goodness gracious... I feel like this is the hottest summer EVER!... maybe it's just because I'm pregnant :) I'm still battling some swelling.. I've had to take off my wedding rings :( It's killing me to not wear them! I got some good news... I passed my fasting sugar test at the doctor. This is huge, because the cut off is really low and I passed! Diabetes runs in my family, so I was really nervous about developing gestational diabetes. Thankfully, since I've passed this test, my chances for developing gestational diabetes are extremely low! I gained a little more weight last month then I liked (Dr. Daniel had no problem with it), but I know myself... I had kind of slacked off on walking and definitely gave in to my cravings every now then. So.. I've started back walking... about an hour a day at least four days a week. My sweet grandfather (PawPaw) is my walking buddy. PawPaw will be 76 years old in January. He's very healthy except for two things... he has two artificial knees and a gut :) So... we decided we would both benefit from walking everyday, and let me tell you... he is a trooper! He goes the full hour and stays up with me. I am so thankful for this time with my PawPaw. I know that this time is precious and I cherish it... even if it is 100 degrees outside!!!

Developments in the nursery are at a stand still right now. As much as I want to work hard and get it all done now... I realize that I do have plenty of time and I should really wait and see what I get at my shower. It's totally my personality to get my mind set on something and then throw myself 100% into it. I'm very stubborn that way.

Ada's developments this week are quite significant. Air sacks are developing in her lungs so she will be able to actually take a breath. These air sacks are technically called "alveoli" and will continue to develop for the next nine years of her life... is that not crazy? The retina in her eye is completely developed this week, although her eyes are still sealed shut. Ada's brainwaves for her auditory and visual systems are actually detectable this week. So, her brain is actually registering things like sound and light. Her hearing is continually developing, and soon she will start to recognize our voices (Jordan and I talk to her all the time :) Ada is weighing in at approximately 1 2/3 pounds and is around 14 inches from head to heel.

The more I think about it, the more excited I get. The maximum amount of time I have left is 14 weeks. 14 weeks ago, I was 12 weeks pregnant. WHOAH! That seems like just yesterday! Oh be still my heart! I can't wait for her to get here so I can hold her in my arms! My prayer is that I would not wish time away. I realized the other day, that I will never have Ada in my tummy again. Hopefully I will carry other babies... but not her. I pray that throughout the rest of this pregnancy and in the years to come... that I will not focus on the "next" thing, but I would live in the present and soak it all in :)

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  1. sweet post Annalee!
    Enjoy those walks with your grandfather...oh how I cherish those memories with mine