Thursday, June 24, 2010

23 Week Update...

Today marks the 23 week mark. YAY! As I mark each week off on my calendar, I'm truly amazed at how fast things are going. I feel like it was just yesterday we heard her heart beat for the first time. Ada is definitely growing... how can I tell? My stomach is definitely growing! I'm not brave enough to post pictures yet... sorry :( But if you see me in person, you might think I am farther along than I actually am! I'm telling ya'll... this baby has NO ROOM but to grow out! I can see it now... I may have the worst pregnancy waddle.. umm.. EVER when I'm around the 35-40 week mark! Everyday, Ada's kicks get stronger and stronger. It's even keeping me up at night. Okay.. question for you mommies out there... was there any correlation between your babies wake/sleep patterns in your womb and their wake/sleep patterns as a newborn? I've heard different things... and I'm just curious :) So far everything has been pretty good... I still have some slight swelling in my feet and ankles at night. And... one day this week I had a little scare, I had been really busy and had not drank very many fluids that day. Anyway, my blood pressure kind of bottomed out and made me feel... not so good. But, thankfully, my sweet friend/sister Katy is in nursing school and knew exactly what to tell me to do to get it back up! Other than that... I feel great!

Ada's developments this week... she still has a while before her lungs will be ready for air. She's practicing "breathing" on the amniotic fluid by sucking it in and out of her lungs... yuck... Her fat production is in overdrive this week... in the next four weeks, Ada's weight will double! She's starting to look more and more "normal"... her skin is not quite as see-through and her body is looking more and more proportional... although her head is still a little big compared to her body. She' around 11.5 inches long and still weighing in around a pound (I've got a hunch that Ada might be a little bigger... :)

Nursery developments... we bought a glider and ottoman for the nursery and I LOVE IT! We found it at Walmart for a really good price. We were a little skeptical at first, but when we got it in... it was perfect!

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  1. Love the glider =)

    I think you look adorable pregnant!

    As far as wake/sleep clue...I was a zombie the last few weeks of pregnancy (both times) and a zombie the first few weeks after birth...;) just remember it gets better