Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 Months and A Dedication...

Long time... no posting. I have to confess that over the past few weeks, I have thought about blogging.... I just couldn't pull myself away from kissing and loving on my sweet little bundle of joy! Ada is truly a joy. I know it sounds cliche, but I truly didn't expect to love this little person SO much!

Everyday, Jordan and I are amazed at how God has worked in our lives through the life of our daughter. I don't believe I've ever had a sweeter picture of my Heavenly Father's love for me. This past Sunday, Ada and her cousin Hope were dedicated. I've sat through dedications before.... they were sweet... but standing up there next to my husband as we made a public confession to raise our daughter in a way that glorifies God and to teach her about Christ so that she would fall in love with Him if He so calls her to Himself was humbling and sobering all at the same time.... what a responsibility we have been given!

Okay... on to Ada's 4-month update... and I don't think I did one at 3-months, so we'll just go through both! Over the past two months, Ada has started rolling over. Well... that me rephrase that... she can roll over, but she's not always interested in doing it. Ada has continued doing well eating cereal with a spoon, and we're now adding in some fruit. We started with applesauce, and although she wasn't too sure about the texture at first... she's LOVING it now! As you can tell from the pictures... Ada is packing on the pounds too! At her 4-month check-up, she weight 16.13 and was 26.5 inches long! Ada is still really talkative... very talkative. Some nights, when we're watching TV as a family... we either have to just cut the TV off or Ada has to go to her crib because she is talking so loud! Ada is such a happy baby... she's smiling most all of the time! She loves to make funny noises and she makes herself laugh all the time. She's ticklish on her belly... especially when you kiss it. That pretty much takes place during most all diaper changes. :) Ada is sleeping through the night... she's actually a great sleeper! Most mornings she sleeps until 7 or 7:30 and let me tell you... that makes for one HAPPY MOMMA! Well... that about wraps it up... I'll try to post more often... try... but I'll leave you with some sweet pictures of my "Monkey"!