Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Weeks with Ada...

Yesterday, Ada was 2 weeks old. I can't believe how fast time is flying. We are trying to soak up every minute we can with her. That's my excuse for not blogging lately :) No... I admit that I've failed a bit on the blog front. I've thought about it, but every time I sit down to do it, sweet little baby calls my attention away :)

Ada is still a GREAT baby. She's very content. She really only cries when she's hungry, and even then it's more of a whine than a cry. She's not too crazy about diaper changes / clothing changes, and she's really not liking baths :) Even though she can get really upset... she's very easily calmed down. She loves to cuddle and snuggle... so do Mommy and Daddy :) We're on a schedule/routine and it's amazing. I've been able to make the adjustment very easily. I'm so thankful she's a pleasant baby!

Right now, our schedule looks something like this. She wakes up at 5AM with Jordan and he feed her. She hangs out with him for a little while, and then he lays her back down to sleep around 6:30AM. She and I wake up at 8:00AM (if I've got somewhere to go that day, I'll wake up and get myself ready around 7:00AM). She eats at 8:00AM and goes back down for a nap at 9:30AM. Then, she wakes up and eats at 11:00AM... goes back to sleep around 12:30PM. She eats again at 2:00PM, and then she's up on and off until 5:00PM. In between 2 and 5 is when Jordan gets home from work, so when he walks in the door... she's all Daddy's :) She eats at 5:00PM, again at 8:00PM, 11:00PM, and 2:00AM. After her 8 o'clock feeding she pretty much sleeps from feeding to feeding. I have to wake her up to feed her. We started two nights ago seeing if she would skip the 2:00AM feeding... she only made it to 3:00AM, but that's okay... she's still little :)

We went to our 2 week check up today with Dr. Cabellero. She checked out perfectly! She weighed 8lb 1oz and was 21.5 inches long! She's starting to fill out a little bit and I love it. She's still got her chubby cheeks she had when she was born... and her double chin! But now, her little legs and arms are starting to crease and wrinkle... it's adorable! Most people that have come to visit think she sleeps all the time... and she does sleep A LOT... but she's starting to wake up more and more, and the time she is awake, she's very alert and interactive. She's smiling more... following our voices. She's very expressive in her face. I have a hunch she's going to be a little dramatic... I wonder who she gets that from?

We had newborn pictures taken yesterday... I promise to post some as soon as I get them! We have loved every minute of our two weeks with Ada! I will try my best to do a better job of posting more often... (try being the key word :)

Here are some pictures... enjoy!

 She loves to nap on the couch with Daddy! 

 Watching TV with Daddy in our bed... no she doesn't sleep with us, we just like to cuddle before bed :) 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Ada Laine..

Wow. Where do I start. My heart is so full of emotions that I'm not sure how to put them into words... so bear with me.

Wednesday evening, October 13th, our precious gift took her first breaths in this world. Her delivery had its bumps, but it truly was an amazing experience. I'm not sure how people can go through this experience and not believe in a sovereign Creator. God was so sweet to us during Ada's delivery. We were surrounded with family and friends. We had a great support system. If I could, I would do it all over again. If I sat here and typed every detail and every emotion I felt that day, this would be the longest blog post ever! So, I'll just hit the highlights:

We went in Tuesday evening around 5:00PM to be induced. Labor and Delivery (L&D) was really crowded, so we didn't actually get in our room until a little after 7:00PM. My cervix was still unchanged, so they gave me three doses of Cytotec that night/early Wednesday morning. Around 7:00 Wednesday morning I was finally dilated to a 2 and Dr. Daniel was able to break my water. They started me on Pitocin then too. I'd already gotten my first epidural (yes, I had more than one) around 4:00 that morning (I didn't want to take ANY chances of feeling pain)... but after my water broke and my contractions got stronger... my first epidural wore off (YIKES!) They aren't sure why, all I know is that I was really feeling my contractions... not the pressure, but pain. And.. I could move my toes and legs. So, they gave me a second epidural. This one worked better, but for some reason I could still feel pain with each contraction. Around 1:30PM they checked me and I was a seven and we were getting excited. At around 4:30PM I was a 9.5! Seriously? Finally around 5:30, I started pushing. Pushing was hard... my legs were totally dead and so heavy, and I couldn't really feel where I was pushing. But, I could feel my contractions to know when to push. I have to mention this because it's funny... I was so exhausted and out of it... not sure if it was from labor or from a narcotic they put in a boost they gave me in my epidural... but regardless, I was OUT OF IT! I was so out of it, that in between contractions/pushing, I was falling asleep! One time, they said I even snored! I would push, push, push, then close my eyes and lay my head back until I could feel the next contraction coming on. I pushed for about and hour and a half and then my nurse told me Dr. Daniel called and said I had 25 minutes then he was doing a C-Section. I think it was a ploy to get me to push harder, but whatever it was it worked. Fifteen minutes later, at 6:45PM, Ada Laine Weathers was born. She weighed 7lbs, 5oz, and was 19.5 inches long. I know I'm her Momma, but I have to say, that she was beautiful from the beginning. She's the spitting image of her Daddy, and she's such a sweet, sweet baby.

We've been home now since Friday, and so far so good. She's a great sleeper. She's eating great now... we had some trouble with breast-feeding, and made the decision to swap to formula. Let me just tell you that it has been one of the best decisions we've made. Mommy, Daddy, and Ada are all A LOT happier :) Although, right now as I blog... I have the lovely smell of cabbage leaves coming from under my shirt.. I guess there's a down-side to everything.

Here are a few of the little quirks we've picked up on so far in Ada's five days here with us:

  • She lets out a high-pitch little squeal right before she starts crying... it's too cute. 
  • Her little voice is raspy and horse when she cries... again... we love it. 
  • She makes the funniest face when she stretches, and boy does she love to stretch. 
  • She's a great sleeper. Right now, she's napping a lot during the day, and still sleeping all night. I have to wake her up to feed her during the night. 
  • Jordan and I love when we kiss her on the cheek and she roots for our lips... we say she's kissing us :).. It's just our thing. 
  • She is a pleasant baby. She doesn't cry very often. Usually just during diaper changes and when she's laid flat on the floor. If she's in her bouncy seat, the bobby, or swaddled and laid down in the crib, she's perfectly content not being held. 
  • She loves to cuddle... she will nuzzle her little nose right in your neck and sleep for hours. 
  • She likes to be sung to, it calms her down, but she wants you close... almost whispering in her ear. 
  • We always know when we're about to change a poopie diaper... (by the way she's got no trouble in that department). Her face says it all, plus, you can totally hear it. She poots loud. 
I'm sure I could go on and on, but I won't. I know I will never be able to put everything down on paper. Right now, I just want to go love on my baby girl and soak it all up! I know it won't last forever, so I have to cherish this time now. I'll leave you with some pictures of our precious baby girl. 

Right before going in :)

 THE BEST doctor in the world!

 My brother and sisters and I... 

 I was SO exhausted, but SO happy!

 Not quite one day old :) 

Coming home... Do you like the signs in the background? Ada's cousins Hannah Grace, Noah, Lily made them for her :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does She Look Like Her Daddy or WHAT!?!

Hey everybody! As you can imagine, we've been spending all our time with our baby girl. This is just a quick picture update... eventually we will post about her birth! Enjoy!

 I thought she may have my nose... but it looks like she's her Daddy's clone... You compare :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ada Laine Weathers

We are all in awe of our marvelous Creator. God gave Ada Laine Weathers her first breath tonight at 6:45. She was 7lbs 5oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She was pretty and pink. She is absolutely breath taking. She looks just like her daddy with her mother's nose!!
There will be pictures and more details tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Mom Daddy and Ada are all doing wonderfully.
And we're a 9!!!!!

PRECIOUS Ada Laine will be here before you know.

fast mover.

Literally 5 minutes after the last post the nurse came in to check Anna Lee...

SHE'S A 7!!!

closer and closer.

as of 12:00, anna was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. her first epidural was not in good and she was feeling lots of pressure. so the anesthesiologist put in a second one and it worked beautifully. the nurse is coming back at 2:00 to check her again.

baby ada is almost here!! :)

getting closer!

Good morning! This is Mary Elizabeth updating for Anna and Jordan.

She is dilated to a 1 but the nurse could get all the way though her cervix. She let them know that Dr. Daniels would be able to brea her water now whenever he wants to. She has her epidural and was able to get a little bit of sleep. They will start pitocin at 7. So far so good. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baby monitors and sprite.


this is caitlin updating for anna and jordan. they got to the hospital at 5:00, but didn't get admitted until 7:40. anna's IV went in great and they started her on some fluids. she was also given Cytotec. this should cause her cervix to start thinning. the nurse will administer three more doses (i think).

the nurse hasn't checked her yet, but she is having more contractions. dr. daniel came in and told her he hoped to break her water in the morning before 7:00. that is all they know so far.

as of 10:30 pm, jordan, anna, and baby ada are doing well!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ada's Nursery..

Surprise! It isn't Thursday, but I'm blogging anyway :) My sweet sister Caitlin and #1 blog fan reminded me that I have yet to post pictures of Ada's nursery completed. So... here it is!

 I should have moved the swing... it won't stay there :) 

 Changing table

 Her bed with the quilt her Memaw (great-grandmother) made her.

Dresser... if you remember I had some fake flowers in the wooden box. But, at one of my showers the theme was "Generations" and they framed old pictures of women in my family. I decided to use some of those pictures instead of the flowers. Right now it's my mother's baby picture, my two grandmothers, and my great-grandmother. The plan is to get some pictures from Jordan's side of the family too and rotate them out (I have a lot).

Also... I meant to add this on my last post, but I wanted everyone's guess for how much Ada will weigh. Dr. Daniel has estimated her to be in the high-6 to low-7 pound range two weeks ago. If you can, leave a comment with how much you think she'll weigh and how long you think she'll be :) Jordan and I will start... I think she'll weigh 7lbs, 10oz, 19 inches long. Jordan thinks she'll weigh 7lbs, 6oz, 19.5 inches long.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

38 Weeks... and the Final Pregnancy Blog

Well guys... this is it. My last blog during this pregnancy. I have to admit... it's a little bittersweet. Just before starting this blog, I went back to the beginning of my posts and read about my sweet Peanut. It amazes me that in just six short days, we will be holding our baby girl.

I wanted to take some time to reflect back on this pregnancy, but right now my mind is in a million other places. I'm not sure if it's nerves, anxiousness, etc., but whatever it is... I just can't seem to get my thoughts down. So, what I've decided to do is to keep my journal out around the house and as things come to me I will jot them down. Then, after Ada's arrival, I will take the time to post one big post about her birth and the things I jotted down those last days leading up to it.

Again, the reason this post is later, is because I had my last doctor's appointment today. Unfortunately, my cervix still hasn't changed; however, we are still on for Tuesday! Here's why... after Dr. Daniel checked me, I asked him if he felt it was in mine and Ada's best interest to wait another week and see if my cervix changed. He was very honest and let me know that it could be beneficial to wait a week... and if my cervix still hasn't changed, to wait another week... but he wouldn't let me wait past 41 weeks. He told me that as far as the health and safety of Ada and myself, there was no difference between Tuesday and waiting. The only elevated risk was that right now, I'm at a higher risk of having a C-Section simply because my cervix hasn't changed. However, he was quick to let me know that I also wasn't guaranteed to have a C-Section just because my cervix was unchanged. So, Jordan and I made the decision to go ahead and go in on Tuesday.

I feel very confident in our decision; however, I also feel the need to explain it. Not to try to win the approval of those who may disagree with our decision, but simply for my own peace of mind. From the beginning of this pregnancy, I have been very up front that I did not want a c-section. However, not for many of the reasons one may think. It isn't because I don't want a scar... my stomach is very much decorated already with stretch marks that look like a road map of the U.S. It also isn't because I feel that I would be "missing out" on something by not delivering vaginally. The reason I haven't wanted (and keep in mind I'm still praying I don't have to have one) a c-section is because of the added recovery time. As anxious as I have been to have my baby and hold her, I've been just as anxious to "be" a mommy. Call me crazy, but I'm looking forward to the feedings, diaper changes, rocking, sleepless nights... just taking care of her... all the things that go into being a mother... and I know that the added recovery time of a c-section will slow down that "adjustment" period. I may not be able to do as much for her as I want to, simply because I would be healing. Please don't misunderstand that I want a c-section, because I most definitely do not. However, if that is the way God has ordained for my sweet baby to enter this world, then so be it. Jordan and I couldn't bring ourselves to make the decision to wait on meeting our baby girl simply because of the increased chance of having a c-section. Had there been risks to her health or my own... we absolutely would have waited... but there isn't a difference. Call us impatient, anxious, naive... whatever, but we are still going in Tuesday at 5PM to have our Ada :) 

We are carrying our laptop to the hospital. We will try our best (well, my sisters will try their best... I'm going to be a little busy) to keep a few updates posted. We will try to do a post announcing her arrival with her stats (weight, length, time, etc) and then probably when we get home and settled... I will try to post a more detailed post of her birth.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. We still need them! Pray that I wouldn't have to have a c-section. Pray that my body would respond quickly (but not too quickly) to the induction medicine. Pray that when we have the chances, we would rest. Pray that my stupid cervix would dilate before Tuesday. Pray that Ada would be a healthy baby... Just pray for us :) We love you all...