Thursday, March 25, 2010

"It's Okay Mommy... You Can Get Your Hair Done!"

Well ladies and gentlemen... we made it. TEN WEEKS! I know I still have 30 more to go, but there is something about finally getting to the double digits! As far as my blog title goes, let me explain. I have needed to get my hair highlighted for a while. Of course my doctor told me "no harsh chemicals on your hair or skin"... so I was putting if off as long as I could. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore. Honestly, I have been a little depressed. I mean.. I'm sicker then I've ever been, larger than I've ever been, I have more acne then I've ever had, and the sides of my stomach are already looking like road maps (thank you stretch marks)... so on top of all that, there was no way I could go nine months without getting my hair done. So I got highlights and a trim and I feel great! I think so much of my "blah"ness is mental, and getting spruced up a bit helped out a TON! Well my sweet grandmother is "by the book" if you will. She teaches child growth and development and I must say she's been a great resource for me so far. Well, she saw me the afternoon after I got my hair done and we had... umm... a conversation about it... :) Here's where the title of this post comes in.. after trying to explain to her that it was really okay for me to get highlights... I finally resorted to the outrageous explanation that I'd had a conversation with Peanut, and he/she said they were fine... that I could go get my hair done! Needless to say, we both laughed... maybe it was one of those things you had to be there to appreciate it :) 

Okay now for the virtual picture of Peanut and a TEN WEEK UPDATE! This was a big week for Peanut with tons of changes... he/she graduated from an embryo to a fetus this week! Guess what... the tadpole is gone! Peanut's tail has disappeared into his/her spinal column. Peanut is finally looking more and more human! He/She now has discernible fingers and toes. Peanut's skeleton is growing and hardening. His/Her ears are starting to take shape, the eyelids are no longer transparent... even Peanut's tooth buds are forming! Peanut's brain made 25,000 new neurons this week! Peanut is still really tiny, he/she weighs only 4 grams and is about one and half inches long... about the size of a Brazilian nut!

Everyday, Jordan and I are amazed at God's faithfulness. That He chose us, chose my womb to knit this precious baby together in. As much as we were looking forward to being pregnant, we had no idea the blessings and thankfulness that would come with this miracle. Thank you Lord for this gift!

QUICK SAWYER UPDATE: Will this dog ever get to the point he won't pee in the house? Oh my gosh we feel we've tried everything... any suggestions would be great! On a positive note, we've finally gotten Sawyer to sleep through the night (he was getting up one or two times a night to go pee... all before 5 o'clock!) Now, we take his water away from him about an hour and a half before we go to bed... take him out one time before we lay down, and he sleeps ALL NIGHT until Jordan's alarm goes off at 5:00 am. In fact, he's even started going back to his bed and sleeping until around 7:30 when I get up! Now if we can just get the house training thing down :)

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  1. Too funny!! I hope you will start feeling better soon!