Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eight Weeks... and Our Newest Addition

Wow... tomorrow (Thursday) is eight weeks... I must admit this week went by REALLY slow. But.. some exciting things did happen. We finally gave the go-ahead for everyone to start spreading the news. We had only told a handful of close family and friends until we heard the heartbeat. We knew that once we heard the heartbeat, our chances of a miscarriage went down a little bit. It was quite funny though, pretty much everyone I'd told had already shared it with someone just because they couldn't keep the news in.. oh well! I know they were excited, because I know how excited we are!

We also went for a visit to Mississippi (Jordan's hometown) to tell his parents and grandparents in person. It's been really important to us to share with as many people as we can "in person"... we just think it's more special that way. So... we kept our lips tight until we could get there this weekend. Everyone was excited.. his sweet grandmother had a GREAT reaction... I LOVE it when I see other people so genuinely excited about our sweet baby. But... the most precious reaction of all was from Jordan's mom. Deborah suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is only 58... it's so sad. I prayed and prayed that it would really "click" for her and that she would be able to be excited about it... and boy was she! We didn't even get the words out of our mouth.. as soon as Jordan said "We have some news..." she was grinning from ear to ear... she knew what it was. We told them right before dinner and I don't think she stopped smiling the rest of the night! On Sunday, we went to church with them... and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY knew we were expecting. She always re-introduces me to people (bless her heart) but this time... she led with "I'm going to have a baby!" which meant... we were going to have a baby. Then she would introduce me.. lol. It was so precious. I know that there is really no cure for Alzheimer's right now; however, my prayer is that the Lord would give us the gift of her being able to enjoy these two new grandbabies she has on the way (No.. it isn't twins and I forgot to tell you... Carlton and Aimee, Jordan's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in early August).

Okay.. now for a Baby Weathers update... Peanut is looking less like a tadpole/peanut and more like a human... but just barely. His or her eyelids, ears, upper lip and the tip of his or her nose are forming.. YAY! Bye bye ping pong paddles... Peanut is finally going to grow some fingers and toes... but... they are webbed. This is my favorite part... Peanut's heart is now separated into the four distinct chambers. He or she is still REALLY tiny... only about 1/2 inch long!

Nausea, vomiting, and headaches are a big part of my everyday life now :(... I try to keep repeating what sweet Dr. Daniel tells me whenever I complain about it "You know what they say baby girl... a sick momma means a healthy baby)... if this old wives' tale is true... I might give birth to a 10 pound baby! On a serious note, these headaches are a killer... I've tried a cup of caffeine and Tylenol... but neither one really helps.. any suggestions from you seasoned mommies out there... let me know!

Sorry... I know this is an extremely long post.. but we do have a new addition to our family... a puppy! No, we aren't crazy.. we had already paid a deposit for the puppy before we found out we were pregnant. The puppy is a Black Mouth Cur.. he's mainly going to be a hunting dog for Jordan, but they also make great family dogs. We named his Sawyer... I liked this for a baby name, but Jordan didn't... so the dog got the name... We picked him up in Mississippi on Saturday during our visit... and so far so good. He's actually a really sweet puppy. He's extremely clingy to Jordan and me... especially me :) I'm totally soaking all the attention up. He loves to cuddle and sleep a lot... so he and I have taken a few naps over the past few days. Sawyer will be eight weeks old tomorrow (ironic, huh?) but he is already around 12 pounds! His dad is around 80 pounds.. so I think we may have a future giant on our hands! Right now, we are trying to house train him and teach him the word "NO"... he doesn't like that so much. This is a picture I took of him in the car after we got him... he wasn't very happy. I will try to post more pictures of him soon.


  1. Oh, I love this post! I think your little peanut is so cute...webbed fingers and all. What an amazing creation!! Can you believe all four chambers are only half an inch?? Amazing.

    I missed walking with you yesterday. Matt Chandler kept my ears busy with a great sermon called Divine Tensions. Oh buddy, it was great! But, I missed you!

    Hope to see you today,

  2. Suggestion for your headaches.....a lot of water. My doc told me with my first one that because of all the hormone changes, you can get headaches. I hope this helps!