Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facebook Fast...

Boy oh boy... what am I going to do? The ladies in my bible study challenged each other to take a break from Facebook for one week. What!? I must admit... I was having mild panic attacks when I thought about it, but thankfully, was able to see that if I was so anxious about giving it up... I should probably give it up!

So... here I am, Facebook Free for one week. During the times that I feel the urge to get on Facebook.. my plan is to pray and/or read Scripture. Even though I was so worked up about it at first, I am so excited to see what the Holy Spirit will do when I am quiet, still, and seeking the Lord through His Word. Well.. here goes!

P.S. This blog was so short because I am only giving myself 30 minutes a day of computer time, unless it pertains to school or work for the week as well! WHOA!! :)

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