Thursday, June 17, 2010

22 Weeks!... Is That It?

Let me just start out by saying that if you don't want to hear me complain... skip this post :) No... I promise not to complain the whole time. Think of it more as me sharing "my feelings" that I've had over the past week.... yeah... that sounds better doesn't it? First of all, when I really stop and look back on it, this pregnancy has flown by. However, there are some weeks that I feel I'm just barely creeping along. This week has introduced "new" pregnancy stuff that I'm not sure I like. First of all... my belly is stretching... trust me, I have the marks to prove it. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, my stomach is sore. It's almost as if it's grown and stretched during the night! I've also come to the conclusion that I'm going to get huge! I know everyone says that, so let me explain. I always knew I was short-waisted, but now I'm realizing just how short-waisted I am! I already can't breathe when I bend over... which reminds me... anyone have tips on how to teach your husband how to shave your legs and paint your toenails? I can't afford pedicures every couple of weeks... Anyway, back to getting huge... I just think since I've got a short waist, the only way I can grow is out! Also, are you ready for this... my feet swell! I've been really trying to watch my sodium and drink a lot of fluid, but at night... they swell. It's not a ridiculous amount... just enough to annoy me and warrant a foot massage from Jordan :) Okay, I think I've hit my limit complaining. I realized this week how thankful I am that I can feel my daughter move in my belly. Yes, there are times my bladder is a target (she's a great shot)... and yes, there are times I can't go to sleep because she's doing her thing... but, the comfort and peace that comes from being able to feel her move and know that she is still growing and forming, and the way her daddy's eyes light up and he grins from ear to ear as he watches my belly jump and feels her kicks... makes it ALL worth it!

So... Ada is 22 weeks along! She's around 11 inches long and finally... are you ready?... she weighs around one pound! Her hands have grown bigger and stronger and the nerve endings in her fingers have now developed a sense of touch! She's probably in there touching her face, grabbing the umbilical cord, etc... doing anything to test out her new ability! Right now, the hair on her head is bright white (isn't that cool?) No matter what color it will end up, her hair lacks its pigment at this point. She has started growing taste buds, so she can probably detect strong flavors in the amniotic fluid...

Every week I am amazed at Ada's developments. The intricacy involved in knitting together this precious life is beyond my comprehension. It is a reminder of how intimate my God is. How he not only loves me, but He knows my heart, every hair on my head, every bone in my body, because HE knitted me together cell by cell! It also reminds me of what a gift Ada is for Jordan and me. That God would choose us to love and raise His child, His masterpiece, that He formed with His own hands!

In other news... there have been a couple more changes in the nursery. I modge-podged scrapbook paper onto wooden letters and hung her name above her bed. It was really, really easy! I highly recommend anyone try it if you're wanting to add a personal touch to a room in your house... I got all the supplies at Hobby Lobby and I did the whole thing for around $8!

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hobby Lobby's clearance section. You really have to keep a close eye out but when you do... you can find some GREAT deals. I found these little iron, antique tea pots for $4 a piece... then they had their silk flowers 50% off so I bought two stems to stick in there... I was really excited about how they turned out!

One more thing before I go... I've had so many people come up to me and tell me they read the blog. Jordan and I would love to know who all is sharing such a special time with us. If you have time, leave a comment, because this is the only way I know who reads it unless I run into you in person :)


  1. I'm reading! :) My feet swelled really bad with Luke. There wasn't much I could do about it other than what you said. By the end of my pregnancy all I could wear was flip flops (thank goodness he was born in June) because I couldn't fit into any other shoes! Watermelons and canteloupe are good for water retention. When you can, keep your feet up, high. I would pile pillows up to make sure my feet where up high enough. The good news, about 2 weeks after he was born, my feet looked normal again!

  2. I'm reading too! I got really swollen with my first. All you can really do is drink lots of water and make sure if you put your feet up....and this is gonna sound weird.....put your feet up to where they are elevated above your heart. Hang in there, it will be SO worth it in the end. :-)

  3. You know I'm here because I can't help but leave a comment each time you post! I'm just so proud of you and Jordan and can't wait to meet this precious life God has given you. This is one lucky little baby! You are special :)
    Oh yeah...hang in there... my feet/ankles swelled up to my knees with the girls. I also got one of those little gripper things that help you pick things up off the ground! Jay never mastered my toenails, but I'm letting my girls help me this time around!

  4. Of course you know I am reading!! Come over and we can lay on the couch and prop our feet up together. Dr. D said prop them above your heart for 20 min. a day. HAHA. Like I have 20 min to lay there with my feet in the air. And would I be able to get myself out of that position if Carlton wasnt at home? LOL. I miss seeing you every day. We need a another pool day.

  5. Anna Lee,(This is Katie Bentley Parris)I SO enjoy your blog.It is precious.I am thrilled for you and will be a wonderful mommy:)!

  6. just letting you know I am an avid follower of the Weathers blog! ... I love the ADA on the wall and those tea pots look awesome.. what a steal! you are so talented friend :) I absolutely cannot wait to meet sweet Ada Laine!

  7. of course I am a reader and follower and try to always leave a comment.

    I am enjoying watching and reading about your journey to parenthood.

    I love all the touches to Ada's room =)

  8. still reading too :)

    it's fun to relive those WONDERFUL pregnant memories through your blog (and know i'm not experiencing the not so fun parts :) but sweet Ada will be so worth all of it!!

  9. I read!! I have a lot to catch up on clearly since I am just getting to this post. You have done a wonderful job with the nursery!

  10. I just started reading & I found it through Aimee's blog. Your baby's room is just precious!