Thursday, June 10, 2010

21 Week Update...

Here we are... 21 weeks and only 19 more to go (unless Ada comes when her Mommy wants her to, which will mean we only have 17 more weeks to go :) Let me explain so no one is confused... of course I only want to deliver Ada when she is fully developed and ready, but if she comes at around 38 weeks... it would be SO convenient. Convenient, you may ask?... YES! Jordan is a school teacher and will be on his Fall break, as would my mother, and my dad took a week of vacation since my mom was going to be on Fall break! So, I would have my husband there with me for a week (he would be there regardless, but this way he wouldn't have to take a week off), and my mom and dad at my disposal for some extra help! Needless to say, I am praying that she comes around that time, but of course if she isn't ready... I'll be patient :)

This week we had a doctor's appointment. I was really nervous going in, not because I thought anything was wrong with Ada, but I knew I'd gained some weight... I just didn't know how much :( I've also been told that Dr. Daniel is really strict about weight gain, and I hate to "get in trouble" when I go to the doctor. Well... I panicked for nothing. He said my weight gain was great and that I was doing just fine! WHEW! So far.. I'm back at what I was when I first got pregnant. So I've gained back the six pounds I lost in my first trimester. We got our "20 week" sonogram of Ada and she was a lot calmer this time (I didn't get her all hyped up on Mountain Dew and M&M's) Just like every sonogram, it was AMAZING! Jordan and my mom went with me, and although this sonogram was shorter than the last one... we were still able to see all her sweet little features. This might sound funny, but the best picture I think we got of her was of her legs... she was all stretched out and you could see from the top of her thighs to her feet! And... maybe it's just me, but her legs looked a little chunky :) I'm posting our sonogram pictures at the bottom, so you be the judge :) Dr. Daniel told us she was at around 13 ounces... on 3 more to go and she reaches a pound!

Other developments for Ada this week... she now looks like a mini version of what she'll look like when she's born. All her facial features are formed and hair is even growing on her head (if the old wives tale is true and heartburn has anything to do with the baby's hair growth... whoa!). She's now even acting like a newborn, she's sucking her thumb and yawning :) Her heartbeat is continuously getting stronger, and we may even be able to hear it using a stethoscope! Her fetal bone marrow is starting to make blood cells (it was previously done by the liver and spleen)... even though it may not sound exciting, it's good news! Ada is chowing down on some amnionic fluid... eww! She's been swallowing it for a while, but now she's actually absorbing small amounts of sugars from it. As far as her movements go... I'm convinced she's doing back-flips in my belly. I can feel her a lot now, and she's even starting to settle into somewhat of a movement schedule. She usually starts moving right after I eat breakfast in the morning for an hour or so off an on. Then I can really feel her right before lunch time.. usually around 11ish or so. After lunch, it's kind of hit or miss, off an on, but she's faithful... every night around 10 o'clock... she gets started and usually goes on for a good 30 minutes. I can feel her the most when I'm laying down, so it's kind of hard for me to fall asleep until she's done! Okay.. this turned into a longer post than I thought it would, so I'll leave you with pictures of my sweet Ada!


  1. so so sweet =)

    maybe miss Ada will cooperate with everyone's schedule =)

  2. what a sweet profile!!!

    i remember the 10 o'clock gymnastic session with avery- it's definitely hard to sleep until they settle down, but was a great time for adam to be able to SEE her move. i know it's so exciting for you and jordan!!!