Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Duper Pooper Scooper...


Okay. I had to start this post out by bragging on Jordan. But, in order to do that, I have to paint the picture of the "experience" we had last night. So our sweet little puppy Sawyer is growing fast these days. He is 15 weeks old today and tips the scales at a little over 30 pounds! He stays outside during the day, but for the most part at night, he comes in and sleeps on his dog bed (right next to Jordan's side of the bed... I can't stand the dog smell :) Well, last night was no exception. We were getting ready for bed, so we let Sawyer in and he went right to sleep on his bed. Ok... here's the "reader discretion advised" part. Around midnight, we heard a few unpleasant noises coming from the foot of our bed... these noises were quickly followed by an awful smell. When I say awful, I mean A-W-F-U-L! I jumped out of the bed super fast and ran into the den (I don't handle smells very well right now) while Jordan assessed the situation. Yep... worst case scenario... Sawyer had pooped... not just pooped... diarrhea! OH MY GOSH! It was awful! Jordan came in the den with me and we just gave each other this look like.... Who's gonna clean it up!?! Plus, we were borderline gagging... I had my face buried in a blanket on the couch. So, like any good wife :) I told Jordan there was NO way I could clean that up. I would totally puke! Then I instructed him on how he could "clean it up" and told him how sorry I was that he was the one having to clean it up (although I don't think he believed it for a second) So, Jordan calmly walked in the bedroom and cleaned up the mess. I stayed on the couch, cheering him on through every "UGGHHH!" and gag... and about 30 minutes later, the mess was gone and sweet Sawyer was outside. Now I said I wanted to brag on Jordan... and here goes. He willingly cleaned up that awful mess without one complaint. If you could have been here, you would realize what a big deal this was. I started thinking, even though this incident was with our dog, how much more helpful would he be when it's our baby?!? So.. Jordan, thank you.... thank you for being such a servant-leader. Thank you for standing by me 100%... and most of all... thank you for loving me UNCONDITIONALLY! (Especially loving me enough to not make me clean up that poop last night!)

OK... enough about poop and on to Peanut! I am 15 weeks today... WHOOP WHOOP... and the countdown is on to finding out Peanut's gender! 17 more days! Earlier this week, I felt a few flutters in my tummy, but nothing significant. I keep waiting and waiting... oh how I want to feel this baby kick!! Peanut's head is now resting on his/her neck instead of plopped on top of his/her shoulders :) He/She is beginning to grow eyebrows and eyelashes... as well as hair! I have to say that I love little babies born with a head full of hair! My fingers are definitely crossed. Peanut is now able to sense light even though his/her eyelids are still sealed shut. His/her eyes and ears don't look weird anymore, they actually look like real baby features. Peanut's still practicing sucking and swallowing, so pretty soon, I might feel a little thump-thump from his/her hiccups! Peanut is now 4 inches long and weighs almost 2 ounces!

I have to confess that I've already purchased two baby items (well, my mother and my grandmother purchased them)... no... I'm not jumping the gun, especially since we don't know the sex yet. My mom and I were looking around Babies R Us for what I would need to register for when it came time, and they had an incredible deal on the display versions of a Pack N' Play and a swing! They were a gender neutral pattern that I'd picked out earlier in the store so we grabbed them up. I will try to post pictures later!

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