Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

Boy oh boy how excited I am to get here! I have to say that I have been really looking forward to finally having energy! I would say my morning sickness is finally gone... every now and then if I let myself get really hungry, I'll get kind of weak and a little nauseated. But... thankfully, I'm only taking 1/4 of a Zofran in the mornings (I'm trying to wean myself off)... and so far so good!

I'm really starting to notice some changes in my body due to the glorious hormones I'm producing :) I must say, I was a little naive to this whole pregnancy thing. I'm not sure what I expected it to be, but I've definitely been surprised. Just a few of the changes that I've noticed... I literally have to shave my legs everyday... seriously? It's ridiculous! I had mild allergies before I was pregnant, but OH MY GOODNESS! I can't tell you when the last time was I didn't sneeze a million times a day and almost scratch my eyes out because they were itching SO bad! Thankfully, I can finally start taking some over-the-counter meds for them! Probably the hardest "change" has been that I've developed some lower back pain. Thankfully, my sweet sister-in-law introduced me to a Snoogle (yes, you should google it) and I've been sleeping with it ever since...  it has helped a ton! I also bought a support belt that goes under my belly and takes the pressure off my back.

Okay.. that's enough about me. On to Peanut's updates for this week! By the way, one month from today we go to find out Peanut's gender! YAY!!!!! I'll be so glad to finally call this sweet baby by name. Okay.. this week, Peanut can make a fist and even suck his/her thumb :) His/her eyelids are fused shut right now to protect his/her eyes while they develop. Peanut's bones and skull are solidifying and soon his/her little ribs may appear. You know how last week Peanut's intestines were... umm... outside of his/her body... well you can take a sigh of relief because Peanut's intestines are right where they need to be. One more cute update.. Peanut's vocal chords and larynx are completely formed now :) Peanut now weighs about 20 grams and is nearly 3 inches long, or about the size of a Nutter-Butter cookie!

I just have to share one more thing before I go.. this past weekend, I was able to attend the Women of Joy conference in Tennessee with some ladies from a Bible study I was in this semester. It was so encouraging to spend time with these women. I got SO much good (and a little scary) info and advice on pregnancy too! All of the speakers were great... there was such variety! But.. I have to admit, Kay Arthur was AMAZING. She spoke with such urgency and her desire for the furthering of God's kingdom was so evident. I have to thank the sweet ladies in my Bible study for inviting me to go.. and I have to thank my sweet hubby for letting me go (and cleaning the house while I was gone!) Thank you!


  1. i love reading about my little nephew [or niece] can't wait to find out who will be joining our family! love you! :)

  2. I'm with's so much fun to follow your journey Anna Lee!! You're going to be an awesome mom. Can't wait to find out what your sweet baby is.....and hear your name choices :) Tell your precious family hi from the Knowlton clan!