Monday, January 3, 2011

Poopie Pants...

Ok.. so I've debated back and forth on whether to post this video or not... but since the blog is private now, I've decided to share! It's too funny not to. I will warn you... you will see poopoo!

Christmas Day we were at my parents and my mom was changing Ada's diaper. All of a sudden, we heard gagging and yelling... I grabbed my video camera and started filming it. If you decide to watch it (you've been warned about the poopoo....) pay attention to my Pawpaw... his reaction is hilarious... and the questions he asks... well, you'll just have to watch.



  1. Anna Lee did you really have to post this??

  2. How many Hayne's does it take to change a diaper? LOL! Aunt Sarah is my favorite to watch and listen to! It is precious how everyone was doting over Ada to make sure she had the best diaper change she could get!! I'm with your mom- how did she do 4 at one time! Sometimes we need 2 sets of hands for 1!!! Glad Ada is doing so well, can't wait to see her again. Also, lovin your blog!