Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year Pictures and Snow 2011

Hey guys... just thought I'd drop in and post some pictures of our trip to TN over New Years. We had such a good time. I'm horrible at remembering my camera, but thankfully... our sweet friends Abigail and Anna Lee had theirs...

Hiking at Bald River

The whole crew!

Oh my goodness! There's no telling how many times a day I kiss these fat cheeks!

Sweet little gummy smile!

We also had some snow.. which I'm sure most of you had! I'm telling you, Ada has seen more snow in her short little three months then I have in a long time! I'm usually one to freak out during bad weather, and this time was no different. My sister-in-law called me to tell me about what they were saying (and keep in mind... she's just like me :) Needless to say, when I got off the phone with her, I was F-REAKING out! Jordan walked in the door and immediately I was like "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!? A BLIZZARD'S COMING!" He assured me there would be no blizzard, but there may be some freezing rain... so we needed to probably go stay at my parents since they have a gas stove, gas water heater, and gas logs... all I heard was "food, warm bath, and heat"... I was sold, and so to my parents house we went! I have to say that we had SO much fun. We never lost power, but that was TOTALLY fine with us. We stayed Sunday night and Monday night with them. The snow they got at there house was mainly ice, so it made playing in it... not too fun. However, when you get the Weathers and the Haynes together... you're going to find something fun to do. So... me, my dad, and Jordan loaded up in my brother's truck and headed to my grandfather's... we found an old tractor tire... tied it to the back of my brother's truck and my dad pulled Jordan back to their house... it was funny.

Dad and Jordan carrying out our brilliant "fun in the ice/snow" plan!

Mom and Dad

Mommy and Ada

Daddy and Ada

Bella and Ada

Papa and Ada

While we were there, Ada started this new thing... yelling and screaming! Not crying screaming... but screaming... a mad scream and a mad yell. It started when Jordan was playing with her in the floor... he would kiss her on the neck and she was getting so mad... I ran and grabbed the Flip (video camera) and made Jordan do it to try and catch her screaming again. I missed the best one, but got a little one. Her whole body shakes and she screams as loud as she can. She also starts acting like she's trying to bite him... I know, I know... I've said from the beginning I have a little diva on my hands :) Enjoy the video... don't forget to pause or mute the music player at the bottom...

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