Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow... today is the first day I feel like I've really been able to sit and write something down. We have had an eventful past few weeks. We've done a lot of last-minute shopping, traveling, packing, unpacking... it's been a whirlwind.

We had two full weeks with Jordan home with us, and we LOVED it. It was so nice to have an extra set of hands here around the house during the day. Even though we did a lot of traveling and spent time with family and friends, we also had some great time together just the three of us. Jordan started back to school today, and we won't really have that kind of time with him again until Spring Break. We miss him, but I am so thankful for a husband who sacrifices and works so hard to provide for Ada and me.

Ok.. I'll start with Christmas. This was obviously Ada's first Christmas, and I was so excited that it was a white one! We started celebrating Christmas Eve, at my Gran's house. It was our family, my parents, siblings, and my mom's parents (Venson and Marie).

This is tradition. My Gran hosts Christmas Eve every year at her house. We ate Coop DeVille wings (yes I know it looks like a hole in the wall, but the Honey BBQ and Lemon Pepper wings are out of this world!), chicken fingers, and other finger foods, and I have to say it was one of my favorite Christmas meals yet! We ate dinner, opened presents, and then had some dessert and coffee and enjoyed making sweet memories with my grandparents. After that, we drove out to my parents. We started a tradition several years ago of drawing names among the seven of us, and then we Jordan and I got married... he joined in too! So, every year, we purchase a gift for the person who's name we drew... we swap them Christmas Eve night, and my Dad reads the story of Christ's birth every year.

Next year, traditions will change a little bit. Traveling to both my grandparents and parents in one night with a baby is a little difficult. I think next year, we may do more here at our house on Christmas morning so that everyone can see what Ada got for Christmas! Christmas morning, we woke up and started cooking breakfast casseroles to take to two shut-in's here in Jacksonville. After Ada woke up and saw what she got for Christmas, we loaded up as a family... in the SNOW! and delivered breakfast.

Sweet girl on Christmas morning. She was in the best mood!

Ada and her gifts from Santa... two rattles/teethers, a snail that plays music, and an activity mat.

Our first white Christmas

This is something we plan on doing every year. No matter how busy, or how many kids we may have.... plans will be set aside for us to serve in some way on Christmas. We don't want to be extreme, we just want our children to not be focused on the selfish part of this holiday only, but to be selfless... because Christ humbled Himself.... the One who knew no sin, to be sin on our behalf!! After we delivered breakfast, we loaded up and headed out to my parents once again, to see what my sisters and brother got for Christmas. Then we went down the road to my Memaw's (Dad's mom) and had Christmas with that side of the family. We had the traditional meal... turkey, dressing, etc... and some YUMMO desserts my Memaw baked! After lunch, we headed out for Columbus, MS to have Christmas with Jordan's family. We enjoyed our time in Mississippi. We had dinner at Jordan's grandmother's house (Mawmaw Betty) on Sunday. We left Monday morning and got home just before the last of the snow had melted.

Ada and Mawmaw Betty

Ada and Jordan's Aunt Karen
For New Year's, some sweet friends of ours invited us to go with them to Tennessee. We had a blast! It was so relaxing and so sweet to fellowship with everyone. Ada loved it, and slept better than she has really EVER slept! Ada also tried eating her cereal with a spoon. She loved it, and I think everyone else loved watching her try! More about that later... 

In honor of the new year, I thought I'd sit back and reflect over 2010 and write down some of the big things that happened!

January: I took my first round of Clomid, and Jordan and I prayed that we would get pregnant... Jordan started his first official teaching job at Tenth Street Elementary!

February: It was 6 days early, but I had a hunch that there was a little baby in my belly, so I took a test and lo and behold... I WAS PREGNANT! Jordan didn't believe me at first... I finally had to take a digital test!

March: We had our first sonogram and heard Ada's heartbeat. We felt comfortable enough, so we finally shared with everybody our news! We also brought our first baby home... Sawyer :)

April: I spent most of my days in the bed or on the couch with morning sickness... every now and then, I got myself up to go walk with my SIL Aimee, who was also pregnant. Jordan was still teaching and then taking care of me when he got home... Dr. Daniel (my OB) also let us sneak another peak at our sweet baby... we were thrilled!

May: I lived at my parent's pool... I was determined to get a tan before my sweet friend Jessica's wedding. I was going to be the only pregnant one... I definitely didn't want to be the palest! Jordan looked forward to school ending... he'd had a tough semester. We also found out our sweet Peanut was a girl! Ada Laine Weathers...

We got a sneak-peek at Ada in 4D!

June: Jordan started working for a friend of ours just to earn some extra money, and started on a job hunt. I again... lived at the pool. I also taught my niece and nephew how to swim... I was so proud of them!

July: Jordan kept working... I kept swimming... and my SIL had her baby... Eden Hope Weathers (Ada's BFF) was born and we were all in awe at the sweet sovereignty of our Lord! We spent sometime with my family and the Acker family in Tennessee to celebrate my brother and sisters' 20th birthday! It was so much fun!

August: It was HOT... very HOT! Jordan found a job, and I pretty much stayed at home. I was very swollen and very miserable anywhere but my air conditioner.

September: Football season started, and the countdown to D-Day began... I began counting by Alabama's football games vs. the actual days it was until Ada was born. I had my first baby shower that my friend Katy threw for me... it was the beginning of the "shower" season... and oh how blessed we were for all the sweet gifts we received!

October: Ada Laine Weathers made her debut on October 13th.... forever our lives were changed and we couldn't be any happier!!!

November: I celebrated my 23rd birthday, and Ada spent her first night away from home with her Bella and Papa.

December: Jordan and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary, Christmas, and New Year!! Here is a video of Ada's first Christmas... please excuse Jordan and me... we understand we sound like idiots, but we'll do anything to make that little girl smile!

God has been so gracious to us this year. May He continue to be glorified in EVERY aspect of our lives in EVERY season....

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