Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Time, No Posts...

I feel like for the past few posts, I've had to apologize for my laziness in posting. Life with Ada is just... fun, honestly... and I just can't bring myself to take time away from her to post. I know that's horrible, and I promise to do a better job. I want to keep documenting all these memories so that I have something to look back on.

Ada was 7 weeks yesterday. She'll be two months December 13th... which is a special day, because it's mine and Jordan's two year anniversary. Speaking of Jordan.. I have to brag on what a great daddy he is. I'm so blessed... he jumped right in the day she was born and has been such a huge help ever since. I have to tell a funny story on him. This happened a few weeks ago, but it's still so funny. Here goes...

Jordan bought me a one hour massage for my birthday this year, so Jordan was out of school for Veteran's Day and I decided that would be a good day to go so he could watch Ada. Well... the day before, my car started messing up, so Jordan had to carry me to my massage at Monet Day Spa. While I was in my massage, Jordan ran some errands. He got back a little early, so he decided to just wait in the car. Being the good daddy that he is, he knew Ada probably needed a diaper change. So he got her out and ready to change her diaper. Little did he know that I had accidentally left the changing mat and the wipes at my grandparents house. He realized it after he opened that diaper and realized it was a poopie :) So, he decided he would just wait and we would change her as soon as we got home. He thought he would go inside Monet and just wait on me there. It was in there, that he realized she needed to be changed then... she was stinking... BAD! So, he asked where the restroom was, and the lady kindly informed him that there was no changing table. However, there was a small table next to where they do nails that he could change her... So, Jordan goes in the bathroom and gets some wet/dry paper towels and toilet paper. He put Ada on the tiny table and changed that nasty poopie diaper. To add to his stress, Ada used to hate to get her diaper changed to she was screaming the ENTIRE time... and all the ladies getting their nails done sat there staring at this frantic daddy changing a poopie diaper on a tiny table in the middle of a salon... :) In the middle of this stressful diaper change... I call him, because I'm now out of my massage and I can't find him anywhere. Needless to say... I got hung up on :) In the end.. Ada had a clean diaper, but Daddy's nerves were shot!

Ada has really started to "wake up"... she's been smiling a lot for the past couple of weeks, and for the past week she has started "talking" to us. She is cooing and making all kinds of funny noises. Jordan and I love it. We just sit and talk to her for hours. She's starting to sleep a little better. We've started giving her some oatmeal cereal at bedtime and she LOVES it. She sucks it down so fast. Since we've started the cereal at night, she's started sleeping from about 9 to 4AM.

Ada also has caught her first cold. She hasn't run any fevers, and her lungs are clear.... but her little nose is stuffy and she has a little cough. I feel terrible, because there's nothing we can do for her until she's two months old. I know it's this nasty weather that's made her sick... but right now, we're just suctioning out her nose, she's sleeping elevated, and we've gotten a humidifier. We're also just loving on her a little more. Well... I think that's enough for now. I don't have time to upload any pics yet, but I promise I will soon!

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