Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Month With Our Sweet Ada...

So... this Saturday, Ada was one month old. I can't believe my baby is that old! It seems like just yesterday she was born! I know every parent says that, but seriously... it seems like yesterday! We have loved EVERY minute of our time with Ada. Sometimes, Jordan and just sit and stare at her. We can't help but marvel at our little miracle. When I stare at her tiny little features, I am amazed and in awe of our Creator. What an amazing and BIG God we serve!

Ada has already changed so much just in the past couple of weeks. She's beginning to stay awake more and more, and when she is awake... she's alert. Everyday we learn more about our sweet girl... one example is that Ada hates to be alone in a room... spoiled? I think she might be :) She is perfectly content in her bouncy seat or the swing, she just wants you to be in the room with her. She still loves music... we're already listening to Christmas music here at the Weathers' house... :) She also loves to be read to. I've started reading through the Psalms as I rock her at night. We have also learned that Ada isn't too fond of bath time... however, she only cries when we stop pouring water on her. Jordan and I decided before she was born that we were not going to try and keep water out of Ada's face when we were bathing her. We wanted her to be used to water in her face... little did we know that water being poured on top of her head would be her favorite part of bath time and the only thing that calms her down :) She also hates having lotion put on her. It doesn't matter if it's warm or cold... she hates it... period.

This Saturday, Ada and I went to Auburn with my parents to surprise my brother and sisters. They've talked about Ada to all their friends from the moment they found out I was pregnant, so they were thrilled for all their friends to finally meet her. Thank goodness I'm not a paranoid first-time mom, because she was just passed around all day! It was amazing to see these college kids marvel over my daughter as if she was their own niece... it was too sweet! They already knew so much about her and were so thrilled to meet her. Let's just say that Ada has A LOT of honorary aunts and uncles :) We had a good time, and Ada and I were even good sports and dressed in our orange and blue... but don't worry... we still say ROLL TIDE!

There is so much more I could share... I just don't have the time... however, I can leave you with some pictures. Everybody loves pictures :)

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  1. thanks again for bringing ada down. everyone is still talking about how perfect she is!!

    love you!!