Thursday, September 16, 2010

35 Weeks... Showers and Sentiments

Ok people... buckle your seatbelt... this could be a long one :) I look forward to Thursday all week.. not just because it means I'm one week closer to seeing my baby girl, but because I get to sit down and share my heart... literally. I go to the computer, sit down, and just start typing whatever is on my mind and my heart. But this week... I've been especially looking forward to it, because I have SO much to share and yes... I want to do it all in one week's blog.

So let's get to it :) Ada's developments this week... the final touches are being added on. Most of her development from here on out is packing on the pounds. Her movements are becoming less jerky and are mainly pushes and slow rolling movements (she's running out of room in there... trust me... my stomach can't stretch much more :) She is currently in the head-down position... HALLELUJAH! Let's just pray she stays there. Her liver has now begun processing her waste, and her nails are still growing! They may even curl over the tips of her fingers and toes when she's born! She's now weighing in at probably 5.5 pounds and is probably around 18 inches long.

Two weekends ago, I had my first baby shower... and let me tell you... everyone needs a shower like this. But, unfortunately, not everyone has a friend like I have who knows me so well... and she knew I needed it :) Most of you know my best friend Katy... or as Ada will call her "Aunt Katy"... she has been such a dear friend, more like a sister for the past three years and it's scary how well we know one another :) She knew that I have a hard time with showers (if you know me at all, you know I can be a little shy - and the atmosphere of showers... everything centering around you... well, it can be overwhelming for me) So... she through me a "party".. a "girl's day out"... and I loved every minute of it! She just invited a few of my closest friends (some couldn't make it) and we went to eat brunch at The Victoria in Anniston... YUMMO! After brunch, some of the girls came back to my house and played the neatest game... I'll explain more later, and then everyone painted a small canvas to hang up in Ada's nursery :) The day was so laid back and there was no pressure, because although the day was technically about me and Ada... we just all enjoyed hanging out and catching up! Another example of how well Katy knows me... she and the rest of the girls went in together and bought me a breast pump (whoop! whoop!) I'll share why that was such an amazing gift in another post.... :) Needless to say, it was a great Saturday and a great shower. Thank you Katy for taking the time, money and energy to plan this shower. I know you're cringing at the public recognition, but I couldn't share about the shower without acknowledging the sweet friend behind it! I love you... you are so special to me. I can't wait for Ada to meet her Aunt Katy! We love you!

All the sweet friends that came to brunch.

Cute Decorations :)

More cute decorations...

These were the party favors... they said "Anna Lee is about to POP!" How cute is that?

Ok.. this was the candy they used for the game. Each candy had a corresponding clue that went with it. I'll give you one example, "For Anna Lee, the epidural is going to be a.... "You fill in the blank with the name of one of the pieces of candy :)

These are the canvases we painted that day. We had all the different colors that are going in her room. I love how different they all are. This is definitely something special I hope Ada remembers for the rest of her life!

This past Sunday, I had my second baby shower. Five sweet ladies from my church put together a super cute shower and it was great! We got tons of great stuff including our car seat!!! Thank you hostesses for getting that for us! It takes so much pressure and stress off of us to know we now have something to bring our baby home in! I have to tell you that we got some really cute stuff! I've snapped a couple of pictures... we loved everything, but there were a few that we loved :) Here are some pictures Christy, one of the host took for me.. and some pictures I took of some of what we got that day :)

Diaper Cake :)... loved it!

Beautiful and yummy cake... thanks to Audrey Oswalt :)

Now on to the "Sentiments" part of the post... I wanted to take the time this week in particular to say something about my sweet sisters and brother. Ada has no idea, I don't think Jordan and I even realize, what a blessing these four people are going to be in her life. The reason I wanted to write about them this week, is because 20 years ago, my mom carried these four babies to 35 weeks... an amazing milestone in 1990. I could talk about them all day, but I want to take the time to talk about one characteristic I love about each of them that I feel will be such a blessing to Ada. Obviously, they each posses many of the same qualities, but like I said... I'm just picking one :)

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of them... ever.

Caitlin Marie

Caitlin has such a heart for children. She has truly been in love with this baby girl since she found out we were pregnant! Caitlin spent some time this summer and last summer in Honduras working in orphanages. This is her passion. I'm so thankful to have a sister who will truly love my child like her own.

Sarah Grace

Sarah posses a loyalty to her family unlike anyone else I know. Never once do you question her loyalty to her family. That is how she shows her love for you many times. I know that Sarah will be a trustworthy, loyal aunt for Ada. Ada will never question or wonder whether or not her Aunt Sarah loves her or supports her. I'm thankful to have a sister who will always be there for my daughter... no matter what.

Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth is so wise beyond her years. She treasures God's Word and keeps it in her heart. I know that if Ada, in the future needed any advice, she could go to her Aunt Elizabeth and Elizabeth would shower her with Truth. I'm so thankful for a sister who is rooted in Christ's Word, and who is bold enough, and will care about my daughter enough to give her the Truth she needs.

William Bruce

Will has such a tender heart and cares for others. He always has. There is no doubt in my mind that Will is going to make an amazing father one day... and I know for sure he will make a great uncle. I'm sure that there will be many time when Ada interrupts her Uncle Will from watching TV, playing a game, watching football, etc... and I know he will give up whatever he's doing to spend time with her... that's just who he is. I know Ada will look back one day and cherish those time with her Uncle Will :)

I've said many times, that this blog is my journal. It's the outlet I use to share my heart and to document this time in mine and Jordan's lives. This past weekend, on Friday, my family had the opportunity to make a great memory. My mom, sisters, brother, grandmother, and grandfather all came over to our house (Unfortunately my Daddy had to work, but he is definitely going to be a part of this, he just wasn't on Friday). They came over and we ate pizza and painted canvases like the ones my friends and I painted at my first shower. This idea may sound cheesy to you, but nothing can replace these for me. The fact that my friends and my family took the time and energy to paint something with their own hands was so special to me. The best part of the night... my sweet PawPaw painted Ada a canvas :) He had a little help, but as you'll see in the picture below.. he was and is so proud! 

I wasn't lying when I told you this was going to be a long one :) This is the last thing I want to mention. When we found out we were pregnant... I knew very early what I wanted to do in the nursery whether it was a boy or a girl... and one of the things I wanted was for my grandmother (my Dad's mom... I call her Memaw) to quilt the baby a quilt for his or her bed. Originally, I wanted this because of a couple of reasons.. A) I knew I wanted to do a vintage/rustic look in the nursery and thought a quilt would go well... B) I could pick out the fabric that I wanted and my baby's quilt would be unique... not just one I purchased at the store... C) It would have such sentimental value for my baby because my grandmother would be making just for him/her. So... I called my Memaw and of course.. she agreed. Little did I know that this quilt would touch my heart so much... and it isn't even finished yet. My sweet Memaw has had a hard time over the past few months... she suffered an extreme case of vertigo and has had other bouts with blood pressure... etc. But through it all, she has remained faithful to work on Ada's quilt... and let me tell you, it's BEAUTIFUL. I was at her house the other day, I stopped by just to visit, but she wanted to show me the progress of the quilt. All of a sudden, her eyes filled with tears and she shared that with each quilt square she cut out and sewed to another, she prayed for my sweet Ada. She prayed that just as this quilt would cover Ada and bring her warmth and protection, that God would call Ada to Himself and cover her with the precious blood of His Son.. Jesus. I lost it... obviously. I'm so thankful that Ada will have a quilt that her great-grandmother not only put time and energy into, but that it was quilted with such love for Christ and for Ada and prayers were poured out over her while Memaw made her quilt. What a blessing it has been for me already, and what a blessing it will be for Ada. I don't have a picture of it right now... it's almost finished, and I wanted to share it when it was complete. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I've shared my heart... I've laughed, cried, gotten excited, etc... as I've typed this blog. Please continue to pray for my sweet baby and for Jordan and me as the day we meet our baby girl gets closer and closer. Until next week...  


  1. Anna have the most precious heart and I love you dearly. I have cried right along with you through this post. Ada is blessed beyond measure to have all of the people you mentioned in this post (plus some), but more than anything, she is so blessed to call you MOMMY! God has prepared your heart and your body to be the perfect mommy for this perfect angel! I can't wait to see you Saturday and hug your sweet neck!

  2. Ada is going to be so thankful for this blog one day! She has no idea how much LOVE is waiting for her. Soak in every last moment of your will soon be behind you!

  3. precious, precious post! You have such a precious heart!