Thursday, September 9, 2010

34 Weeks.. So Close, Yet So Far Away

Maybe it was because last week was such a short post, but I feel like this week has gone by SO slow. That makes me happy and sad all at the same time.. yes, I actually like it and hate it all at the same time. Oh the hormones of a pregnant lady! One minute I'm telling Jordan how sad I am that this is all going to be over in just a few weeks.. and I break down in tears over the fact that I won't be pregnant anymore. There is a part of me that loves being pregnant. But then.. I turn around and I'm so ready for her to be here. Not just because I'm ready to see her and hold her, but because honestly... I'm tired. I'm tired of being pregnant.

I'm not sure why I complain. I've been so blessed during this pregnancy to not have any "major" issues or concerns to deal with. So far, this has been pretty much and "easy" pregnancy (minus a few minor problems). "So what are you complaining about?" you may ask. Well, honestly, it's just the typical pregnancy aches and pains. But, I do have to say how thankful I am for Jordan. He listens to every complaint (sometimes... several complaints that I unload on him like one big crazy hormone bomb!) but.. he actually listens. He encourages me when I complain about things that he can do nothing about (i.e. "Jordan.. can you just make her come out? I'm over this!").. and he serves me to help me with the ones he can (rubbing my swollen feet, massaging my back and hips, holding me while I cry, doing extra things around the house, etc.)... I love that man! Goodness... I LOVE that man!

One of my "minor" problems... swelling of my feet and ankles (it looks worst than it felt :)

So, on to a more positive note... time is ticking down, and I am slowly chipping away at my "Before Ada Arrives To-Do List". Yes, it actually has that title, and my mother, grandmother, Jordan, and I all have a copy :) (Sometimes when I'm anxious or nervous about something, I tend to go overboard, get super organized, and arrange thing into a checklist... and then distribute them.. hahaha) But... needless to say, there are things that have to be done before she gets here, and so slowly but surely, we're chipping away at the list. I'm just the type of person that would rather be prepared a little too early, then for her to come and me not have everything in order. I like to be as prepared as I can be going into a situation... I'm not a huge fan of surprises. I'm not totally freaking out about getting the list done super fast. I'm just trying to take a few tasks a week and getting them done.

So.. up until this point I've not posted any belly pics. And yes, it was intentional. I have stretch marks covering just about the entire bottom portion (belly button and below) of my stomach. Eww... gross! I knew I would get them, I just never imagined how bad they would get. I know that they are "just a part of pregnancy", and "so many women get them", or "just wait until she gets here and it will all be worth it"... I've heard every encouraging statement I think is out there, and I know that she will be TOTALLY worth it when she gets here and that I'm not the only pregnant woman out there with stretch marks... but I have to be honest... they still stink. I've tried the lotions, keeping my weight in check, etc... it was just inevitable... I was going to get stretch marks. So... that is one of the main reasons that I've been hesitant to show any belly pictures, plus, I showed so early and still look so much more pregnant than I am... that I was even hesitant to post pictures with my shirt covering my stomach. But... I gave in. I gave in big time. I decided that I refused to let my entire pregnancy pass without documenting my belly. So a sweet family friend, Abigail, met Jordan and I and we did maternity pictures. I don't have them all yet, but she has sent me a few "sneak peeks", so after I go through Ada's developments for the week... I will share those with you. :)

Ada's developments this week: Right now, Ada looks like she covered in cream cheese... it's the vernix that covers her skin so she won't prune in the amniotic fluid. Her "soft fur"... or the lanugo that covered her body is almost completely gone now, and I have to admit I'm glad... She is now developing her own immune system, instead of relying solely on the antibodies she receives through the placenta. She's probably measuring around 17 3/4 inches and weighing in at almost 5 pounds.


  1. I think the pictures are beautiful and you are beautiful!! I love reading your blog Anna Lee!

  2. beautiful pictures sweetie!
    You look great =) and btw...I had (still have) stretch marks that look like road maps...I too tried everything (lotions, creams) now I just embrace them. ;)