Thursday, September 2, 2010

33 Weeks... Short and Sweet

I'm just going to go ahead and let you know that this post will be shorter. We have been quite busy here at the Weathers' household. Between getting Jordan settled in his new job, getting ready for the baby to come, and just the everyday tasks that come with being a wife... I'm exhausted... but note this... I wouldn't change a thing :) So, I just wanted to touch on Ada's developments this week... her respiratory system is almost completely mature.. whoop whoop! She can now detect light and tell the difference between night and day... I'm sorry that's crazy to me! The bones in Ada's skull are soft and haven't fused together yet in order to make her head pliable to make her trip through the birth canal :) From this week on, Ada will probably gain around a 1/2 pound a week. Right now she's probably weighing in at around 4.5 pounds and around 17.5 inches long from head to toe.

Okay... I've been wanting to post this, but I felt like I needed to wait until closer to time. I love to imagine what she's going to look like. Jordan and I have our ideas, but I'd love to hear yours. Here is a picture of Jordan and myself as babies... that way you can compare our newborn features to decide who Ada might favor, or what mix of features she might get from both of us :) I have to admit... I'm excited to read these :)

Jordan as a baby...

Anna Lee as a baby... 


  1. my guess is that she will look more like you but have jordan's dark features. :) love you.

  2. am I crazy..but that picture of you looks like Hope.

    I think your kids are gonna look like my kiddos. HAHA Those Weathers boys have strong genes.

    Hope and Ada will probably favor..alot! I cant wait to hold her and spoil her. She is gonna love coming to see Aunt Aimee. heehee payback time.

  3. i think she will have jordan's dark skin and hair, and his lips. i think she will have your nose. i can't wait until she gets here!! she is going to be soooo spoiled!!


  4. My guess is she will look a little more like Jordan overall.. his eyes, lips, facial features.. but have your body frame/height, nose, and hair.
    Can't wait to see her!! :)