Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Judge Your Neighbor By Their Singing...

If any of you are my friend on Facebook, then you are well aware that my next door neighbors sing opera music constantly. Well, for those of you who weren't aware, let me give you some background info.

We noticed it one night when Jordan and I were lying in bed. We could hear opera music, and we knew it was coming from next door. We got out of bed and went into our laundry room (it's the room closest to their house in our house). That's when we realized that it wasn't a CD (that was our first thought).. it was actually our neighbors singing. We laughed so hard, because honestly, that is not what you expect to hear your neighbors singing.

Well, the singing continued. They sang during the day, they sang at all hours of the night. They sang whenever they were home. For the first few weeks it was funny. We chuckled and laughed and then just turned our TV up louder :)

Then, "the night" happened and I couldn't take it any longer. I had some trouble falling asleep that night, so I was definitely already frustrated. Then, when I was almost asleep, not quite, but almost... it started. Now, I wasn't quite awake enough to realize exactly what it was. My first thought went to the music you hear in an eery horror flick, and me, being paranoid and extreme, am convinced that I'm in the middle of a scary movie. I finally realize that I'm not about to be killed, but that my neighbors are "practicing" again. Oh boy... I was mad. After waking Jordan up, begging him to go knock on their door, the singing stopped and I went to sleep.

Okay, bear with me, here's the good part of the story and the reason for the post. Last week, Jordan came home from school and our neighbor was outside working in his yard. He and Jordan exchanged polite hello's, and then our neighbor proceeded to apologize to Jordan. He told Jordan he was sorry, he and his wife didn't realize how poorly insulated their home was until that day. See, he was working in the yard and his wife was inside singing. He must have realized that if he could hear it... we could hear it.

So, the conversation could have ended there... Jordan just shrugging it off like it was no big deal, but NO... not my husband. The man with no awkward factor. Jordan goes on to tell him about the night I woke up thinking I was in a horror film. Yes... I was mortified. I couldn't believe Jordan told him about that.

Needless to say, my sweet neighbor went on to offer to help me with my garden and even give me some of his left over plants in the spring. I felt so convicted for getting so angry, and for formulating this idea in my head of what they were like. I can say, that I am definitely looking forward to getting to know our neighbors better.. and I'm also a little more comfortable belting out Celine while I'm cleaning :)

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