Friday, May 27, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

Boy oh boy... where do I start. Basically, I've totally put off blogging for oh... 3 MONTHS! I'm sorry... I truly am. I could give you a laundry list of excuses, but let's just get straight to the updates - because honestly, I don't really have much time :)

Ada - 5 Month Update:
  • Ada got the rolling over thing down pat. She started rolling over both ways.
  • She started making the "da-da-da" sound.. Jordan's heart melted... 
  • She started eating veggies - she loves them all, but sweet potatoes are probably her favorite (again... just another way she is her Daddy made over!)
Ada - 6 Month Update:
  • At 6 months - I could hardly keep up with her rolling! She really started to get her balance sitting up. She could sit up for a few minutes at time without falling over!
  • She got into a "fake cough/laugh" phase - It still comes and goes :) 
  • She learned to "blow bubbles" a.k.a. spit. We took a cute video of her - she still loves to do this. She focuses so intensely - it's hilarious!
  • She got her 6 month check up / vaccinations - She weighed 19.5lb. and was 27 inches long!
  • She started eating meats - and she hated them - she still hates them!

And now we are at seven months, and my little Monkey is growing like a weed! She's just as chunky and chubby as ever! She's weighing in at 21.6 pounds. She loves to laugh. It's not very hard to make her laugh. She still loves to say da-da - she's yet to say ma-ma :( I'm pretty sure she knows her name now - and I'm starting to think she recognizes herself in the mirror. I don't think she has any self-awareness, but I think she sees a familiar face. She LOVES to look at herself in the mirror. It's so funny. She is trying to army crawl, but no success yet. She's sitting up all by herself now. She has been swimming - multiple times - she loves it! I knew she probably would. She loves her baths, but she literally has NO FEAR when it comes to the pool. Her first time in was the day before Easter! We go to the beach in three weeks - I have a feeling she'll love the ocean, but i'm curious about the sand. Ada has also started using a sippy cup. We're letting her drink her juice out of it. I wanted her to not get so hooked on the bottle - so we started her a little early. She's done great! It's been really helpful to be able to just put her in the floor with her juice.... it's allowed me a lot of time to get stuff done!

Ok... on to another big update. I went to work! Before you start freaking out about how I could leave my precious little bundle of joy to go work... let me explain. 

A good friend of mine and Jordan's - Amado Ortiz - started a promotional product company last Fall. Amado was previously the marketing director at Anniston Country Club. Anyway - I started doing some  graphic design work for him on the side last Fall, and then took a break when I had Ada. Anyway, in February, we teamed up for a project - Amado realized we made a pretty good team and offered me a position with the company. He understood my desire to be a wife and mother first and foremost, so we worked together to develop a schedule that was very flexible with my other job - Jordan's wife and Ada's mommy! My office is in Jacksonville, one mile from my house. I work two days a week while Ada stays with both her great-grandmothers (side note: my two grandmothers absolutely adore this time with Ada - I am so thankful that they are still here to enjoy her!) The other two days - Ada goes with me to work because I only work half a day in the office and the other half at home. I'm home before Jordan gets out of school every day and we are able to enjoy our afternoons together as a family. Me going to work is helping us pay off our student loans so much faster than we would without me working. We have so many things we want to do (adoption, overseas mission trip, buy a house) All of these things, we can't do until we are out of debt! So - here's a little plug for our company - O Brand Marketing. Basically, we do any kind of promotional product you can think of, including t-shirts! 

I think I've pretty much brought you up-to-date! I'll leave you with a few pictures of the last few months!

Seven Months

Seven Months

Seven Months

We've learned "Pat-A-Cake"!

First Time Eating Veggies


Ada's First Easter Basket 
Ada and all her cousins on Easter 
Easter 2011 - Ada and her cousin Hope

Easter 2011

Daddy and his Mini-Me

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  1. HOORAY for an update! That baby girl is growing so fast. I could just squeeze her all day. Still hoping to get together one day!
    Love you!